Our Reformer Sessions follow a fairly standard Pilates flow of exercises.

The Basic leading to Intermediate (Basic-Int) sessions are suitable for all. Just because the session is deemed Basic-Int doesn’t mean the sessions is “easy”. As participants become familiar with the Pilates repertoire and flow additional exercises are added.

The Intermediate leading to  Advance (Int-Adv) are designed to lead the participants through more of the full Pilates repertoire on the Reformer.

Private Studio Pilates sessions can be booked around the timetable.

Where Booked Pvt session already appears on the timetable,  that time has been booked for a regular Private  client.

If the time you prefer is already booked, please still enquire, as we have several instructors so may be able to accomodate you.

All sessions are 55 minutes long

Bookings can be made using the contact form or via 0279 626 127

Time Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6.00am Basic-Int  Booked Pvt Basic-Int  Booked Pvt Basic-Int
7.00am Booked Pvt  Booked Pvt Basic-Int Booked Pvt Int-Adv Basic-Int
 8.00am Booked Pvt Booked Pvt  Booked Pvt
 9.00am Basic-Int
10.00am  Basic-Int
11.00 Booked Pvt
12.00 Int-Adv Int-Adv Int-Adv
1.00 Int-Adv Int-Adv Int-Adv
2.00 Booked Pvt Basic-Int Basic-Int
3.00pm Booked Pvt Booked Pvt
4.30pm Basic-Int Booked Pvt


Basic-Int Int-Adv
5.30pm Basic-Int Basic-Int Int-Adv Basic-Int
6.30pm Booked Pvt Booked Pvt

Group Reformer Sessions (max 5 people) 

$30/casual session

$137.50 for 5  ($27.50/session)

$250 for 10 ($25/session)

Reformer Duet Sessions
Rate: $35/each/session or $27.50/each/session when 10 booked, blocks can be shared ($275 for 5 duets)

Private Studio Pilates 
$70/casual, $300/5 ($60/session), $550/10 ($55/session if twice weekly or more)

Payment can be made to:

The Pilates Loft 02 0432 0097408 001


THE (not so) FINE PRINT……..

We accept direct debit and cash. Payment arrangements must be made before commencing sessions.

Bookings can be made up to three months in advanced.

Cancellations and changes accepted upto 24 hours prior, otherwise the late cancellation policy applies  – simple send us an email or call 

We try to be reasonable and fair